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Creator : @i_am_the_shark

Hi everyone, Today we offer you @i_am_the_shark personnal skin. A dark skin based of initial dark skin of FM19. The optimal resolutions is : 1920x1080 (@i_am_the_shark usually plays in windowed mode)


  • “Instant Result” Button
  • Backgrounds compatibility
  • Team panels optimized to show stadium and city pics
  • Player & Staff panels optimized to be used with DF11 Faces of our partner DF11faces.com
  • We let you discover the others options we offer to you.

Thanks :

  • michaeltmurrayuk
  • wannachupbrew
  • pikawa94
  • wkdsoul


6/11/18 : v2.2 :

  • New Background opacity selector,
  • New match titlebar
  • New resume (end match)
  • Transparent boxes fixed
  • Player Panels fixed
  • Others some minor tweaks

20/11/18 : v2.3 :

  • New Player Box (tactic assets)
  • New Player Training Box
  • New Player Profile (some minor fix)
  • New Match Panels
  • New Backgrounds (Dressing Room Added / Tunnel / Press Conference)
  • New Colours for some text

WORK IN PROGRESS This skin could be updated, as soon as Shark decided to made new versions.


image image image image image image image image




OS Chemin d’installation
Windows Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skin
Mac Utilisateurs/ »Nom d’utilisateur »/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skin
Linux /home/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skin
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