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Please forgive the English, and apologies if this is in the wrong category, if it is I blame Google translate. :slight_smile:
I have a small Youtube channel, and I am planning on doing a Return to Glory save with SC Bastia. I was hoping to get some help with some background information, because the sources I have looked at have been incomplete, at least to me, and I want to make sure I have the details right.
Now, here is what I do know, or at least think I know. Please correct any errors I may have made.

Against Lyons, there were two pitch invasions by the Bastia Ultras, one before the match, and one before halftime. The game was cancelled, with the score being 0-0. A few days later, the FFF declared Lyons the winner. As I understand it, had the game remained a tie, Bastia would have secured another year in Ligue 1, but instead was relegated to Ligue 2.
Upon being relegated, an investigation by the FFF into the clubs finances found it was 20M in debt. Because it could not meet its financial obligations for Ligue 2, it was further demoted to the Championnat National.
A few weeks later, the club was further demoted, and here’s where I am running into the biggest issue at the moment.
What level was it demoted to? I know there was a reorganization of the French Football Pyramid, and the club essentially “dissolved” it’s B/Reserve team, and reconstituted itself as an amateur team in its place, as part of the National 3 Group Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur-Corsica.

That’s 5th Division, correct? And they played a year but missed out on promotion by finishing second, right?
Am I missing any other details?

I’ve downloaded Classen’s French League File of the steam workshop, and have also downloaded the Update National 3 France #N3MO (level 5) database as well, but have yet to go in depth with either of them. WIll either DB work for my purpose?

Please point out any mistakes I’ve made, I would very much appreciate it. You can reply here of course, or email me back at Jellico73@gmail.com.

Thanks for the help!


Hi mate, your recent history resume seems be right.

For the update N3MO and Classen Level 5 are same files


Thanks for the response, sorry it took so long to reply, real life and all that.

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